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Praise Factory Investigators:

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Come Adventure With Us

Praise Factory Investigators is almost as new to you and it is to us. It has been being used for the past couple of years already and is nearing the end of this phase. We offer the curriculum to you now, if you want to adventure alongside of us through any extra bumps and blips that are inevitable on a maiden voyage. Or, feel free to wait until we make the first crossing and learn from the experience. It’s totally up to you.

So far, our teachers found the transition easy to this new version of the original curriculum. They love the new lesson plan format and the shortened, standardized stories. The large-format sign language pictures are much easier to read. The parents especially love the full-story take home sheets (called Prontos). They have proved to be great material for family devotions.

Curriculum Downloads

Praise Factory Investigators brochure pdf

Praise Factory Investigators Sample Materials

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AVAILABLE UNITS  (54 Bible Truths, 3 sessions each = 162 sessions available now)

Remember: Each unit stands on its own. You don’t have to use the units in order!

Unit 1: The God Who Reveals Himself (5 Bible Truths, 15 lessons/weeks total)

Unit 4: The God Like None Other (9 Bible Truths, 27 lessons/weeks total)

Unit 5: God, the Good Creator (4 Bible Truths, 12 lessons/weeks total)

Unit 6: God, the Just and Merciful (3 Bible Truths, 9 lessons/weeks total)

Unit 7: The Law-Giving God (5 Bible Truths, 15 lessons/weeks total)

Unit 8: The God Who Loves (6 Bible Truths, 18 lessons/weeks total)

Unit 10: The Holy Spirit: the Indwelling God (4 Bible Truths, 12 lessons/weeks total)

Unit 11: The God Who Saves (4 Bible Truths, 12 lessons/weeks total)

Unit 12: God’s People Live for Him  (14 Bible Truths, 42 lessons/weeks total)

Praise Factory Investigators:

Future Units

Future Units

Due to the after-effects of cancer upon me, I prayerfully leave writing the rest of this curriculum in the Lord’s hands. My first goal is to get all of Hide ‘n’ Seek Kids (done) and Deep Down Detectives curriculum (underway now) up on the website before turning to finishing this curriculum. The great news is that there is tons of other fabulous curriculum on the market, even if I don’t ever finish this…though it is the prayer of my heart that I get to. And remember, you don’t have to use any of the Praise Factory units in order, so it doesn’t matter if the next unit isn’t ready yet. We’ve been doing it for years and still bearing great fruit among our children at Capitol Hill Baptist.

Unit 2: God’s Wonderful Word, the Bible (4 Bible Truths, 12 Lessons/Weeks Total)

Unit 3: The Good News of God, the Gospel (4 Bible Truths, 12 Lessons/Weeks Total)

Unit 9: Jesus Christ, Immanuel, God with Us (12 Bible Truths, 36 Lessons/Weeks Total)

Unit 13: The Sustaining God (6 Bible Truths, 18 Lessons/Weeks Total)

Unit 14: The God Who Delights in Our Prayers (6 Bible Truths, 18 Lessons/Weeks Total)

Unit 15: God’s People Gather Together (11 Bible Truths, 33 Lessons/Weeks Total)

Unit 16: Jesus, the Returning King (7 Bible Truths, 18 Lessons/Weeks Total)